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The Technology Application of Semiconductor

Posted: 07/22/2016 01:57:02  Hits: 629
A large number of heat produced by the frequency increased has always been a discussing issue for overclock workers, from air, water, and to the compressor, semiconductor refrigeration, then to crazy liquid nitrogen, dry ice, they have ran out of all cooling methods. The common air cooling radiator and hydro-cooling has become standard configurations of entry-level overclocking enthusiasts for their low cost and ease of use, the disadvantage is that even apply the most best air cooling radiation and hydro-cooling, the temperature will be controlled closely to zero or equal to the ambient temperature.

In order to reduce the temperature below 0℃, overclock workers decided to use the compressor and semiconductor in cooling. VapoChill and Mach series compressor can make the temperature of evaporator to -50℃ by phase-change cooling, while foreign overclocking enthusiasts can reach -196℃ by homemade three-stage compressor system (liquid nitrogen boiling point), which is equivalent to the evaporating temperature of liquid nitrogen.

But because of the high cost of compressor system, it just can be accepted by a handful of overclocking enthusiasts, maybe only a part of overclocking enthusiasts who are really bag fans will apply liquid nitrogen and dry ice these kind of tools, is has speedy evaporation, and it only bring short time efficiency, there is no practical value, therefore, the semiconductor refrigeration becomes the best choice.

Combined an N-type and a P-type semiconductor particles with a metal connector welding together to a galvanic couple. When the direct current flows from N end to P end, two ends have heat absorption phenomenon, the other two ends are in heat emission phenomenon, on the contrary, it is flows from P to N end, the heat phenomenon of those four ends will be inter-conversion.

Due to the heat effect of a galvanic couple is small (usually about 1 Kcal/h), so actually it is dozens. Thus, the cooling function of semiconductor which is in one side absorption heat, the other side releasing works by the current carrier (electrons & hole) flowing through the node, and transfer energy according to the potential energy changing, this is the essence of semiconductor cooling, namely the Peltier Effect.

Because the temperature will below zero and caused dew condition when the temperature and ambient temperature difference exceed 8℃, so, it is necessary to pay much attention to the heat insulation job. The polyurethane foam preservation has good performance in the effect of insulation.
Electrifying the semiconductor directly will cause the risk of being burned, thus, we can wear a layer of protection on it --- epoxy resin. The main board of semiconductor needs appropriate protection as well to prevent frost or dew when the temperature difference is too high.

The Technology Application of Semiconductor