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Industrial Component: Semiconductor Chilling Plate

Posted: 07/16/2016 02:57:57  Hits: 761
Semiconductor chilling plate is also called thermoelectrical refrigeration piece which is a kind of heat pumps. It has the advantage of no sliding parts assembled, and it can be applied in some conditions of limited space, high reliability requirement and no refrigerant pollution. By making use of the experience of “Peltier Effect” in semiconductor material, when the DC (direct current) series into the galvanic couple through two different semiconductor materials, both sides of the galvanic couple can absorb heat and release heat respectively for realizing refrigeration. Semiconductor chilling plate is a sort of cooling technology which can produce negative thermal resistance, it has no active components character, in some extent, it is higher in reliability.

Working Principle
The essential theory of semiconductor chilling plate is that it is a heating transmission tool. When it comes up current flowing between the thermoelectrical couple of a piece of N-shape semiconductor and a P-shape semiconductor material, heating would be transferred at the two ends of the materials, then all the heat would be collected from one side to the other side, then the temperature difference results in a hot-cold side. Semiconductor owns its resistant resistance, it would generate heat when there is current passing, which would affect the heat transmission. Besides, heat between these two counter electrodes could process reverse heat transfer by air and conductor material itself. When there existing certain temperature difference between two sides becomes equal, they would reach a balance, the forward and reverse heat transfer could be counteracted. In this occasion, the temperature of the hot side and cold side would not continue to change anymore. So as to achieve a lower temperature, cooling methods such as reduce the hot side temperature can be taken to implement.

The fan and the heat sink are mainly for cooling the hot side of semiconductor chilling plate. Generally, the different temperature of two sides in semiconductor chilling plate can be 40 ~ 65 degree, by means of active cooling to reduce the temperature of hot side, it will be corresponding decreased in the other side, so as to reach a lower temperature.

When a N type semiconductor material and a p-type semiconductor materials connected into galvanic pair, after connected to a dc current in the circuit, it can produce energy transfer, current by N type element flow to the p-type element joint absorb heat, a cold end;By the P type joint element to N type element the release quantity of heat, become the hot end.The size of the endothermic and exothermic by current of semiconductor materials and N, P element logarithmic to decide, three is the thermoelectric effect of thermoelectric refrigeration.

As a special cold source, semiconductor refrigeration piece has the following features on technology aspect:
1.Does not need any refrigerant. Semiconductor refrigeration piece works continuously without removable parts or any pollution sources, therefore, it won’t produce gyroscopic effect. It is a whole complete component, no other separate assembly, no vibration during the operation, long service life and easily installed.

2.Semiconductor refrigeration piece has two different functions--- can be both refrigeration and heating, usually the refrigeration is not in high efficiency, but a high heating efficient, it is always greater than 1. So, using a piece of thing can take the place of the discrete heating system and cooling system.

3.Semiconductor chilling plate is current-change type, it can realize high precision temperature control by managing input current. As well as the temperature detection and control measure, it is easy to achieve remote control, process control, computer control, to make up an automatic control system.

4. Semiconductor chilling plate has small thermal inertia, and it has high efficiency in refrigeration and heating, in the case of well heating dissipation in heat side and unloaded cool side, the semiconductor chilling plate can reach the maximum temperature difference within a minute.

5. The reverse application of semiconductor refrigeration piece thermoelectric power generation, it is usually applied for power generation in the low temperature area.

6. A single refrigerant element of semiconductor chilling plate has small power, but once it has been collected to a galvanic pile, and combined with the same type of galvanic pile bunch to make a refrigeration system, it can be possessed with a high power, hence, the refrigerating capacity can do a few milliwatts to tens of thousands of megawatts range.

7. The temperature range of semiconductor refrigeration is from 90℃ to negative temperature 130 ℃, they are all possible.

Industrial Component: Semiconductor Chilling Plate