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Cast Steel Globe Valves, 900LB, Butt-Weld
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Model No.: HON-GV-01
Brand.: Honest
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China Cast Steel Globe Valves Supplier Honest provides Cast Steel Globe Valve, 900LB, ranging from 2 to 36 inches, butt-weld end connection.

Cast Steel Globe Valves, 900LB, Butt-Weld Key Specifications / Features

Cast steel globe valves 900lb
•Size: 2 to 36 inches (50 to 900mm)
•Brief description:
•used to cut or connect the pipe media under nominal pressure Class 900lb, working temperature -29 to 800 degrees in industries including oil,
chemistry, pharmaceutical, fertilizer, and power industry. Body materials are carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel
Basic design standards:
•Basic design: BS 1873 ANSI B16.34
•Face to face: ANSI B16.10
•Flanges: up to 24-inch ANSI B16.5 from 26-inch MSS SP44 ANSI B16.47
•Butt-weld ends: ANSI B16.25
•Testing: API 598
•Outside screw & yoke
•Bolted bonnet
•Screw seat ring up to 6-inch
•Welded seat ring from 8-inch
•Available with gear operator
•Special features according to customer’s requirements

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