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Ace Giken Cartridge Type Tank, CT-1, CT-2
Short Description
Model No.: CT-1, CT-2
Brand.: Ace Giken
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China Ace Giken Cartridge Type Tank Supplier Honest provides CT-1, CT-2 Cartridge Type Tanks, one-touch type connection, detectable cartridge.
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Ace Giken Cartridge Type Tank, CT-1, CT-2 Key Specifications / Features

- It is the tank which material with 330ml cartridge on the market is set on and to use.
- Air bubbles in a cartridge is shut out by W pressure feed formula of cylinder + air pressure feed.
- By attaching the sensor of an option, the residual quantity of a cartridge is detectable.
- Cartridge material connection is a one-touch type.
- Since the up-and-down lid is a screw type, a maintenance is very easy.
- The simple cartridge-type which can also connect a material cartridge screw as it is.

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